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We can have a wild or serious start,
From the top of your head, or from your heart.
Lets jump in and have some fun,
And see what we have when we are done.

I have a fearless roar, and I am hunting for
All the things I can do, in order to help you.
#2 __________ (started by YOU)

I am brightness in the darkness


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I am brightness in the darkness
I am abundance in the starkness.
      All through the shadows in the hollow
      I light the way for you to follow.
I want for you to let it be
That some rays which are of Me
      Shine through the prism of your mind
      To share My light with those you find.
Be a droplet in My rainbow
That My love through you will flow.
      Beam your hue of Me around
      Till every shy and lost be found.
Let My grace-filled light show through
To give what I have given you.
      I have promised to all much
      More than they can grasp or clutch;
I am waiting to give to all
Who will gladly heed My call:
      Love, truth, joy, and light
      In the daytime, in the night.
Though you're tinged and stained with sin
I can cleanse you from within,
      Changing stain to radiant hue
      Transforming sinner to right and true.
I am brilliance in the blackness
I am profusion in the lackness.
      Together you and they and Me
      Can sparkle through eternity.

2011 Sally Porter & Noname Porter-McShirley

A silent yodeling ninja, with his faithful helper, Woofpants (a giant bald dog in underwear), jumped crashing through the frozen July air in the Southern tip of Texas, where he passed his final test and joined his friends in their marching ninja best. They marched past ten kangaroos in tutus, twelve snakes eating chocolate cakes, countless herds of race-car driving birds, and right up to the Emperor Mooshoe sitting on his little tiny igloo.   "At your service" they announced, "are all these swords we have renounced---for henceforth we shall only fight for the right to sleep all night, and dream of a school of candy fish in a giant volcanic dish.

2011 Erik L. McShirley & Noname Porter-McShirley


The jolly llamas ate the Dalai Lama's pajamas in front of the Obamas.

2011 Noname Porter-McShirley


First I build an android,
And then I catch a dragonoid.
It has great big feet,
But can't say what it wants to eat.
My android is very dumb,
And accidentally smashed it's thumb.

My dragonoid must stay in the woods,
Or else it will dent the car hoods.

...Started by ERIK L. MCSHIRLEY,
with Noname Porter-McShirley
2010 Erik & Noname

Copyright 2010-2011 Rifll Publishing, Inc.
except individual poems jointly copyrighted by their respective authors, and used here by permission.

Copyright 2010-2011 Rifll Publishing, Inc.
except individual poems jointly copyrighted by their respective authors, and used here by permission.