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FREE Print-n-Paste TOYS

 ...if they get lost, you can make more; and you'll never be accused of taking them out of the store without paying for them.
KIDS: Ask for help with cutting.

1. CLICK on any of the TOYS pictured below to open them in full size, and then PRINT.
2. You may choose to COLOR, or use as-is.
3. GLUE or paste the image to a piece of thin cardboard (the inside of an opened-out cereal or cracker box works great).
4. CUT on the dotted line.
5. FOLD where marked. (Stapling near fold is optional, but may help toy to stand well.)

Kids running:   BOY   and   GIRL.   Pets:   DOG   and   CAT.    CABIN in the woods or on the prairie.

CANOE   +   Man & Woman HIKERS with backpacks.
The hikers could ride in their canoe, and then leave it on the lake shore to hike up Castle Mountain (below). They might even picnic with the princess! ...Or set up their own cabin in the woods.

Royalty, Royal Figures:    KNIGHT in armor,   QUEEN,   KING with scepter,   PRINCESS.

PLAY SCENE: Castle on a cliff with valley and lake below.

             Emergency Vehicles             Private Vehicles             Furry Friends
(Police, Fire Trucks, Ambulance)      (Car, Pickup, Motorhome)      (Squirrels & Bunny Rabbits)

(More toys will be added to this page occasionally.)
If you have requests, or would like to be notified when new toys are available, please send an email to

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