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The Mysterious Letter, A New Home, and Awakening to Adventure!

Captivating Stories for Pre-Teens
by Awesome Child Authors.

  • ISBN: 978-1-935710-05-9
  • 6" x 9", 88 pages, Paperback
  • Published by Rifll Publishing, Inc.
  • Publication Date: September 25, 2013

Juvenile Fiction / Action Adventure

This book is a collection of three stories and one poem, selected from the entries to a writing contest open only to kids. Each selection has a very different style and subject. Taken together, they make a great book for other kids to enjoy and be inspired by.

In just four lines, author Lillian Roberson conveys positive intentions for life.

Ariana Pike’s story is of an orphaned boy who has both friends and tormentors. After receiving a mysterious letter, however, he’s thrown into winding adventures on his way to his new family. Abigail Turner’s family of Okapis leave an old tree-home and face unexpected trouble fitting into their new neighborhood.

In Erik McShirley’s story, six year old Susan wakes up for a nighttime drink of water having no idea she is beginning a three-week adventure with her brother, Mac, and some very unusual companions.

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